The science of hygiene informs: taking care of your children’s microbiota is good for their skin’s health

6 de December de 2017

Mothers and fathers have a great challenge when it comes to caring for their children: making sure they grow up healthy and happy. And that includes personal hygiene too. How can we ensure the proper cleaning without damaging the skin and still protect our children from undesirable microorganisms? For this, mothers and fathers count on the latest scientific discoveries!

Natura, which is always going after innovation around the world of science and investing in the development of groundbreaking technologies to manufacture its products, has developed the Natura Naturé Fom Fom soap. It combines the best way to wash the body without compromising safety and care for its consumers. Even those who are still growing.

Recent studies have highlighted a theme that helps us understand a new way of washing and caring for our skin: the Microbiota. It’s the ecosystem of microorganisms that includes bacteria and fungi, inhabiting the most varied parts of our body, that assist in the activities that maintain our health and the good functioning of even our skin. “Studies show that the microbiota influences the skin’s response to stimuli from the external environment and protects us by strengthening our natural defenses,” says Luciana Vasquez, Natura’s Science Manager.

On the skin, the microbiota is mainly found on the surface, in contact with the environment, on the layer known as stratum corneum. The beneficial bacteria that live there prevent the entry of external agents, such as as potential microorganisms that cause disease and inflammation, by creating a living shield that protects the skin. When we wash our hands, however, some of that microbiota is washed away. Yet, if it is healthy, it recovers quickly and continues its protective function.

That’s why the technology used in Naturé Fom Fom is so special. It keeps the skin clean and extends the protection against potentially harmful micro-organisms thanks to a perfect combination of ingredients. Naturé Fom Fom forms a shield that reduces the adhesion of bacteria from the external environment, while allowing the skin’s microbiota to recover from the washing, faster than other market soaps.

Naturé Fom Fom is a good example of how the new science of hygiene requires a deeper understanding of the mechanisms governing the human body. The most efficient product is not necessarily the one that kills more bacteria. But parents who use Naturé Fom Fom can rest assured. Our Natura Research and Innovation Labs are already working together with your microbiota!